10 Tips to Choose a Sex Toy Store

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

First of all, you can go wherever you want and buy whatever you like. But if you’re a sex-toy-store first-timer or you’ve been to a few and they’ve creeped you the F out, here’s what I look for.

1. The right kind of sex toy store looks like an upscale card shop. Well lit. Nice logo. Not located at the back of a tattoo parlor called Mickie’s Quickies.

2. It’s well lit. Flickering lights = no go.

3. There are no porn images. Nothing about this store makes you feel like you need to get a boob job or a Brazilian.

4. The clerks don’t tell you about the product until you ask a question, and they can tell when you want to be left alone.

5. You can handle the products.

6. They come with warranties.

7. There’s a section with books and the authors have real credentials.

8. Everything is more expensive than you expected. You never get out under a hundred dollars. It’s like Costco (except not really).

9. The lube is more expensive too. Ask the clerk why you shouldn’t buy the stuff at WinCo Foods.

10. Whatever you buy, it’s worth it.

Can't make it to a brick-and-mortal store? Most shops sell online. Check out "Ten Feminist Sex Shops You're Going to Want to Add to Your Wishlist."

Karelia Stetz-Waters is a contemporary lesbian romance writer with a passion for happy endings and women's bodies. Here dream is to entertain readers while teaching them the pleasure-secrets that lesbian know best. (Hint: Straight girls, these tips are for you. You can take them to the bedroom tonight!) Order Karelia's work on Amazon or learn more at Kareliastetzwaters.com.