Worth The Wait by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Closed TV star, Avery Crown, and her lover, Merritt Lessing, reminisce about what they should have done in high school. They were in love but too afraid to tell each other.

from Worth the Wait

They sat on the blanket in a sea of wild grass.

“You were my best friend. I didn’t want to risk anything,” Merritt said. “And why didn’t you make a move?”

“I was working my way up to it,” Avery said. “I really was, but I was afraid you’d say no.”

Merritt lay down and smiled up at Avery. “I’d say no to you? What kind of lovesick teenager would I have been if I’d said no to a beautiful woman coming on to me? Come here.” She touched the blanket next to her.

Avery lay down.

“Let’s make up for lost time.” Merritt didn’t dare to hope that Avery would kiss her in the middle of a field, but her body was glowing and restless. “I want to show you what we should have done when we were eighteen. Don’t worry.”

She was certain Avery would shake her head apologetically, but Avery drew one finger down Merritt’s sternum, coming to rest on the clasp of her lace bra.

“Studied more?” Avery asked.

Merritt gave Avery a close-lipped kiss. Avery didn’t shrink away. “We would have done that one night in your car, and then we would have been so shy, we couldn’t talk to each other for a week. Should we wait a week?”

“I think we’ve waited long enough.”

Merritt saw her own desire reflected in Avery’s eyes, and it turned her on even more.

“I’d be convinced you hated me,” Merritt went on. “Then you’d invite me over. After your father went to bed, we’d do this.”

She kissed Avery again slowly, her hand resting on Avery’s shoulder, not holding, just touching. She kissed her for a long time, barely slipping her tongue between Avery’s lips. But each time their tongues touched, she could feel Avery stir.

“Then we wouldn’t have a moment alone all week,” Merritt said. “You’d read that special advice book of yours. What was it called?”

Cunnilingus: You Can! By Dr. Bingo Sterling,” Avery said shaking her head.

Merritt laughed.

Avery leaned up on one elbow and surveyed the field, then she lay back down. “Then what?”

“Then this.”

Merritt rolled Avery onto her back, kissed her neck, and cupped her breast. The desire she’d felt the night before, which had subsided for only minutes after her orgasm, nearly swept her away, but she resisted. Avery wriggled beneath her touch.

“Hours,” Merritt said. “Hours like this.”

“I read my book. I would have made you go faster.” Avery tried to press against her, but Merritt shifted so there was an inch of space between them.

“Would you really?”

“No. I’d have lost my nerve. I’d have made you make all the moves.”

Merritt kissed the front of Avery’s dress, then took Avery’s nipple between her teeth and bit down softly through the fabric of her dress and bra. Avery moaned.

“Delinquent,” Avery said.

“Undisciplined,” Merritt agreed.

Merritt bit her again, palming Avery’s other breast, massaging its sweet weight. Avery stretched beneath her.

“You tease,” Avery said.

If only this were enough to keep her, Merritt thought. If she could tease Avery forever, maybe she’d never leave.

Avery kissed her, a hard kiss, full of affectionate irritation.

“And eventually this.” Merritt put one leg over Avery and mounted her, so her legs held Avery’s legs closed. Avery’s hips pushed up against Merritt’s in way that did not say, Naive teenage love. It was all Merritt could do not to pull her dress up and touch her. She kissed her lips instead. Merritt felt like her body expanded. And even though they were clothed, their bodies fit together perfectly.

“We’d have gone on and on like this, until we just wanted to pound our fists against the ground because we were so turned on and we didn’t know what to do with it.”

They were old enough to know now.