American Yakuza by Isabella

A few words from the author:

Here is a bondage scene with Luce. A little background on the scene and why it's so important to the larger picture. This happens early in the book and it's from Brooke's POV. Luce is a powerful woman and with power comes all the responsibility. In bondage, she can give some control over to another person. It's the only time and place where this happens in her life. It doesn't happen often, she is usually the top, so it is used sparingly through out the book.

from American Yakuza by Isabelle

In the center of what appeared to be a bedroom, sat a woman on her knees, blindfolded and bound. Her elbows were pulled back almost touching, tied with a thick, red, fibrous rope. Brooke noticed that it forced her breasts up and jutted forward, each breast bound tightly, so tight in fact that they had a reddish purple sheen to them, their nipples standing erect. She noticed how the rope bit into the woman’s porcelain skin as it made small knot patterns over her torso. The rope work was intricate and detailed. Each side symmetrical, crisscrossing in the same way at each interval down her back, the same pattern repeated across her front and then spilt as it went between her legs and back around, caressing each firm cheek of her ass. If the beautiful woman was in pain, she didn’t demonstrate it. She wasn’t struggling against her restraints; in fact, she seemed almost at peace with her situation.

A long black braid hanging down the back of the blindfolded woman gave Brooke her first clue as to who the woman was. “Luce?” she whispered. Her gaze remained glued to the woman as Luce sat back on her heals and dropped her head.

Brooke bit her bottom lip in an attempt to control the surge of energy pulsating with every beat of her heart. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t take her eyes off the bound and beautiful woman. Edging slightly closer and squinting, she noticed a tattoo on Luce’s left arm and upper body. A dragon.

The tail of the dragon began the journey above Luce’s wrist and then made its way around her arm, with the talons of a back foot digging into her bicep. The other talon griped Luce’s back as if it was climbing over the slender, athletic body. The body of the dragon covered her shoulder and made its way over the top and down the front of her chest. The dragon’s neck and head descended to her chest. The mouth of the powerful beast opened and seemed ready to devour Luce’s breast. The forked tongue wrapped around the nipple and razor sharp teeth on either side of the left breast sent a chill through Brooke. She could almost feel the slippery tongue on her own nipple that twitched in commiseration. She shuddered as goose bumps crawled all over her body and tendrils of nervous energy fingered through her. She wasn’t a reporter right now; she was an accidental observer of this intimate encounter that was playing out right before her eyes, a voyeur of sorts.

A drop of sweat slid down her neck and between her breasts. Her fight or flight response had deserted her long ago. Now she had to see how this little vignette played out. She didn’t have to wait long. A woman entered the room wielding a leather whip. To Brooke it didn’t look impressive, but when the woman swung the instrument, she could hear it cutting the air. Brooke’s quick assessment of the woman put her at about five feet tall, almost a foot shorter than Luce, she suspected. The woman’s own attire was simple leather pants, boots and a bustier of some type. The powerful way she swung the whip kept Brooke more focused on the woman’s wide sweeping arc than anything else.

“Are you ready?”

Luce’s bowed head nodded gently, but she didn’t speak.

“Good. Up.”

Luce rose up to her knees and raised her blindfolded head. A swishing sound followed by a swack and it was all Brooke could do not to rush into the room. The leather whip had landed against Luce’s nipples, and then another, and another. This time the woman stepped in front of Luce and alternated blows to her breasts. Brooke couldn’t help herself as she counted out the ten lashes to each side before the woman stopped. The leather thongs then dragged gently across Luce’s nipples and brushed up and down across her breasts. The woman bent down and whispered something in Luce’s ear. Luce nodded again and this time the woman slid her hand between Luce’s legs, rubbing her. Brooke backed away from the door and took a slow, deep breath, still unable to believe what she was witnessing. Again, the reporter side of her said run, but her body screamed for more. Before she could make a decision, a slap against naked flesh pulled Brooke back to the display. Expecting to see a red mark on Luce’s face, she was shocked when she saw the woman rub, then slap Luce’s bare pussy. Again, the woman bent down to whisper something in Luce’s ear, and again Luce nodded her head. Dropping the whip to the ground, the woman stroked Luce’s pussy with one hand and twisting a nipple with her other.

Luce remained rigid and the woman continued her assault on the taut body. Finally, she moaned as Brooke watched an orgasm spear its way through Luce’s cool demeanor. Shaking, Luce tried to remain upright, but she finally leaned against her torturer, her body jerking as each tremor passed through her. A fine sheen of sweat covered Luce’s tight body and Brooke wondered how much more Luce could take. Watching the intimate display between the two women had Brooke’s own body aching for release.

About the book

Luce Potter straddles three cultures as she strives to live with the ideals of family, honor, and duty. When her grandfather passes the family business to her, Luce finds out that power, responsibility and justice come with a price. Is it a price she’s willing to die for?

Brooke Erickson lives the fast-paced life of an investigative journalist living on the edge until it all comes crashing down around her one night in Europe. Stateside, Brooke learns to deal with a new reality when she goes to work at a financial magazine and finds out things aren’t always as they seem.

Can two women find enough common ground for love or will their two different worlds and cultures keep them apart?