Andy's Song by Beth Burnett

from Andy's Song by Beth Burnett

“The only thing I want to talk about right now is you dropping that second towel and getting into my bed.”

She salutes. “Sir, yes sir.”

She takes the towel from around her waist and tosses it at me. I rush forward and grab her, growling as I throw her into my bed.

She wraps her legs around my waist and I push hard against her, biting at the skin on her neck. She moves her hands to my head and pushes me down to her breasts. I suck on one nipple, while my fingers pinch the other one, pulling it, teasing it into a sharp point. She's moaning and pushing me further down. I comply with ease, moving my mouth between her legs, letting my tongue slide over the inside of her thighs, reaching my hands around her to pull her up closer to my mouth.

She spreads her legs further apart, exposing her clit to me. I hover over it, breathing lightly, massaging her hips with one hand, making her legs open even more. She moans and tries to push my head down against her, but I resist. Instead, I slide one of my fingers inside of her and give her a little pressure. My tongue just barely flicks out and touches her clit. She groans against and thrust her hips up to meet me but I withdraw my tongue again. She gasps and tries again to push my head down. I let her wait, exploring her with my fingers, just barely touching her clit now and then. I withdraw my finger and bring my fingertip to my mouth, tasting her.

Finally, she begs me to take her and I suddenly slide three fingers into her while plunging my tongue down. I move my tongue around in light circles, slowly and softly at first, then a little harder and a little faster until she is screaming and grabbing onto the back of my neck, slamming her hands down on the back of my head, and then she's there, she ready, her whole body tenses and I give her one last lick as she screams my name and then relaxes.

She is stroking my head languidly. “Andy.”

“Mmmm hmm,” I mutter, still against her.

“You should grow your hair out.”

“I like it shaved.”

“I had nothing to grab onto.”

“You seemed to do a pretty good job of making indentations on my skull.”

She laughs. “It would be easier with hair.”

I answer by nuzzling my tongue against her again.

“Andy, come up here.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

She pulls me down on top of her and kisses my ear. “You're amazing,” she whispers.

“Thank you.”

“Now, let me show you what I've got.”

About the book

Is there more to life than sex? Andy Ericksson is trying to find out. She’s had a pretty easy life. She’s sexy, she’s tough, and she has a trust fund that ensures she will never have to work a “normal” job. She has a circle of adoring friends and all of the hot, casual sex she could want. It’s a recipe for a great time. However, lately, Andy has started to feel that something is amiss and casual sex isn’t cutting through the loneliness. Her best friend falls in love with someone else, her ex-girlfriend makes an appearance, and she meets someone who isn’t willing to be a one-night stand. Andy’s world is changing and she’s not sure that she’s changing with it. In the midst of Andy’s turmoil, everyone in her life suddenly seems to be spouting new age wisdom and finding inner peace.

Through the changing of one relationship and the beginning of another, Andy struggles to open her heart without sacrificing her freedom or alienating those she loves the most.