"Damn that Butch Charming"

from "Damn that Butch Charming" by Genta Sebastian

Rising on her king-sized bed from between Woopsie’s spread thighs, Stella wiped her lips with a satisfied grin. Everything about her fascinates me, her cute little figure, formidable talent, feminine sexiness. She’s not my Butch Charming, but with those eyes I really don’t care. Kissing her way up the luscious body of the petite erotica empress, she tenderly licked sensitive, still thrumming flesh.

Cupping Woopsie’s breasts, Stella’s tongue laved the areola, its nipple hardening when she gently bit.

Strong fingers pulled her head closer. "My turn." Woopsie covered every inch of Stella's exposed skin with kisses. Inquisitive fingers tormented and tickled, tracing a path from pussy curls to ass crack through thighs and back again.

Flipping Stella onto her stomach, Woopsie pushed a pillow under her hips. Planting one kiss on the upturned bottom, she followed through with a resounding spank.

What a Tangled Web?” asked Stella, but another smack silenced her.

“Hush, naughty girl,” answered her new lover. “You’re in safe hands, Stella, let yourself go.” Woopsie’s hand rose and fell in a steady rhythm, first on one cheek, then the other, and then both at once.

As her ass grew warm from the sexy spanking, Stella wondered at her eager surrender. Topped by a femme? Who knew I’d like this? But I do. The swats were coming faster, stinging now, but when she flinched, they stopped. A moan escaped her throat and she ground her pelvis into the pillow, wanting, needing more. Instead, Woopsie caressed the hot swells of her ass, cooling the sting while inflaming her loins.

“Spread your legs for me. Tell me what you want.” The pillow was tugged from under Stella’s hips, leaving her on elbows and knees. Slow to respond, a sharp spank made her jump. “I said, open for me.”

Widening her knees lowered her torso; breasts swayed, nipples grazing the bed. Sticky wetness cooled between her thighs. Stella shivered, exposed, vulnerable, and hornier than ever before.

“What do you want?” asked Woopsie, stroking Stella’s swollen pussy lips.

Arching her back under the caress she capitulated. “Do with me as you will, my lady Empress of Erotica.” She winked over her shoulder into blue eyes twinkling with delight.

“I love a willing subject. Remember, you asked for this.”

As her lover knelt between her thighs, Stella quivered in anticipation. A thumb pushed into her wet pussy and angled upward until it caressed her g-spot. She threw back her head and moaned. “More,” she begged.

“I’d love to.” Woopsie very slowly pulled her thumb free. Two strong fingers targeted Stella’s clitoris, stroking, pulling, teasing in a tireless rhythm.

Moans spilled from her throat as her lover’s hot kisses and full breasts traveled down her spine to her still stinging ass. Strong, authorial fingers fluttered, petted, fondled, and caressed her pulsing vulva. Stella couldn’t contain a soul-deep gasp when Woopsie’s mouth latched on to her still stinging ass, sucking insistently as tongue and teeth branded one cheek with a glorious hickey.

“Ohmigod, yes!” Stella groaned with desire, rocking forward and back, pushing her sensitized nipples into the sheets, and raising her ass even higher. She thrashed while Woopsie relentlessly kept the same rhythm, her mouth creating another blooming bruise on the other cheek.

Stella’s head swirled at the intimate mix of pain and pleasure. Her body quivered for what seemed like forever on the brink of release until the talented author finally took pity on her.

Using both hands to pull her up and wide, Woopsie fastened her lips and tongue on Stella’s engorged clit, suckling her to her first orgasm.

“Fuck me, Butch darling, fuck meeeeeee!” she screamed. Muscles spasmed as rivers of pleasure coursed through her being.

Released, Stella fell forward on the bed, completely spent. Too late, she realized that she’d called out the wrong name. “I’m sorry, you’re not Butch,” she managed as her eyes closed and her breathing evened.

About the book

What happens when women leave their worlds behind to attend their favorite annual conference event of the year? Pretty much anything! Romantic interludes, mistaken identity, suspenseful intrigue and hilarious situations abound—especially for the new attendees, or “con virgins.” Anything can happen when old friends get together and new friends are made.

Join twenty-eight of today’s top lesfic authors as they take you on the trip of a lifetime—whether it’s to ComicCon or to the annual premier lesbian literary event of the year. Who knows what will go down when these authors let their imaginations run wild...

Conference Call is an anthology to benefit the Golden Crown Literary Society. For more information about GCLS, visit www.goldencrown.org.