Inspirations Behind Dark Path

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KT Grant (she/her) is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide

Eyes Wide Shut was a major influence on KT Grant's writing.

variety of romances, but also loves writing it. As a former book blogger and entertainment columnist with a bad coffee and Twitter addiction, she still doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. KT has also been a top ten best-selling author at Amazon. KT loves to hear from readers. You can drop KT an email at

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What's the most interesting research you've done for writing sex scenes?

Most of the research I do for writing my sex scenes is done in my head because of my wacky

Pass the Warning was another inspiration for Grant's work.

imagination (LOL). The majority of the time it’s from books I’ve read where a certain sex scene has stood out for me, and I wanted to write something equally amazing to grab my readers. The most interesting research I’ve done for sex scene was when I was writing my erotic BDSM romance series- The Dark Path series.

This series is borderline erotica because it deals with a sex club in New York City and BDSM. I read some of the master authors of erotica and BDSM literature, as well as interviewed a dominatrix so I made sure what I was writing was correct. I also visited few strip clubs, both straight and gay to witness that type of atmosphere and the people who work there because of the club scenes in The Dark Path series.

Two movies that had a big influence on me when I was writing this series was the 1973 classic horror film- Don’t Look Now and the 1999 erotic mystery drama Eyes Wide Shut. If readers have seen either one of these movies, they have a good sense of what the Dark Path series is about and what I’m trying to accomplish with it.

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