Do You Tear Up at Movies?

I won't lie. I ugly-cry. Not a lot, but sometimes. Oooh, it's not pretty. But I've got a very pretty movie/sad-commercial cry. A couple little tears, sliding down my cheeks, just a little sniffle.

Do you know a person who has a great voice but never sings? They can bake like the Great British Baking Show but they just want Krispy Kremes? That's me and movie-crying. I hold it in. I look away so I won't see how...oh! it's so sad...don't look!

I don't know where it comes from. I write romance novels. I love the scene where the tough, slightly-butch, but-so-sexy-in-lipstick heroine finally breaks down and cries on her lover's breast. I've written that one a few times, and it never gets old. So why don't I let myself cry when I another artist makes something beautiful and sad.

Be my witness. Next time, I watch that Sarah McLachlan dog commercial, I am letting those pretty tears slide. In the meantime, here's the last thing I didn't cry over. I'm watching it again. Just to make up for lost time, I'm going to weep.