Don't Be Embarrassed. Be Yourself.

One of my male BFFs was shocked by the amount of sex in my upcoming title, Worth the Wait. So much! he said. So graphic! The women in my writing group were, like, yeah, it's fine.

The first novel--it was never published--I wrote didn't have sex. I was too embarrassed. I kept thinking about my mother's Christian reading group. Those nice ladies in the sunny church sitting-room. My mom's friend, Donna, with the flowered turtlenecks, who has had so much sadness in her life and keeps on singing and praying. What if she read lines like this?

Tate couldn’t help it; she felt a brazen pride at the sound of the woman’s moans. Some part of her animal brain crowed I did that! And another part of her simply longed to make the woman happy. -- Something True
Instead of the little glimpses of pleasure caught at the upswing of a man’s thrust, Kristen felt her whole sex massaged by Marydale’s thigh, the pleasure growing fuller and fuller, Marydale’s skin never leaving hers. -- For Good
Oh, and that moment when she had ridden her orgasm to a gasping conclusion. Sex had never been like that before, and every fiber of her body wanted to know if it would be again. -- Worth the Wait (coming June 19)

I got so worried about what people would think of my book, I stifled everything. The book came out shy and pretentious all at the same time. It was like the people I've met at conferences who won't tell me the titles of their books or what their pen name is. Embarrassed.

I'm not embarrassed anymore and the books I write get published. That's what happens when you're true to what's in your heart. But here's the funny thing. Guess who pre-orders my romances the day they go live? Donna from the reading group. That teaches me a thing or two about judging a book by it's cover.

Why have you chosen to be your true self?