Don't Look Back in Anger

I love Sam Smith's "Too Good at Goodbye." It captures that heartbreaking all-is-lost moment you find in romance novels. The lovers had so much hope, then something happens and there's that dark-night-of-the-soul.

What I like about the video is the tenderness of the break up. I don't like screaming, plate-throwing break-ups in romance. If the lovers can't be kind to each other as they part ways, what's to say they would be kind to each other in their happily-ever-after?

In my upcoming release, Worth the Wait, the crisis comes when the beautiful, wounded hardware store owner, Merritt Lessing, realizes that her lover's career on television will break Merritt's heart. Behind closed doors, Avery loves her. But on screen, Avery is straight and dating her co-host. And the thing is, Merritt can't ask her to give it up. Merritt can't bear to be the person who ends everything Avery has worked for. "I want someone whose life I haven't ruined by saying, 'be my girlfriend,'" Merritt says and they part ways like a Sam Smith song.

Spoiler: it all works out. The day I write a novel where girl doesn't get girl in the end is the day I put down my pen.

What I hope this scene will show is that break-ups should be kind. We should always be kind. "Don't look back in anger," as another great song goes.