A Tribute to the Erotic Romance of Meghan O’Brien

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Kathleen Knowles grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has lived in San Francisco for more than thirty years. She finds the city's combination of history, natural beauty, and multicultural diversity inspiring and endlessly fascinating. Her first novel, Awake Unto Me, won the Golden Crown Literary Society award for best historical romance novel of 2012. She lives with her spouse and their pets atop one of San Francisco's many hills. She recently retired after twenty years as a health and safety specialist at the University of California, San Francisco.Contact- kathy-sophia@hotmail.com

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Who is your favorite writer?

Meghan O’Brien! Meg’s descriptions are explicit but they never feel repetitive or forced because she concentrates on the characters’ feelings. Her erotic romance novels focus on building the connection between the characters which builds sexual tension and increasing physical interaction. I become fully invested in both characters and cheering for their eventual sex. I dislike overly florid sexual description and Meg’s writing is deceptively simple. It’s a miracle of timing and there is a lot of dialogue between the lovers which is also as arousing as the actual sex.

It’s a miracle of timing and there is a lot of dialogue between the lovers which is also as arousing as the actual sex.

She writes passion but not the blind, headlong rush to orgasm. Meditative isn’t a word I’d apply to sex writing usually but I argue that’s it not an inaccurate word to describe Meg’s writing.

I honestly find a lot of sex writing in lesfic boring and repetitive but not Meg’s. Her descriptions are explicit which I’m not troubled by though I tend to write less explicitly. She deals with issues of power, dominance and submission in a straightforward and practical way and she is always tender with her two protagonists who are quite human and imperfect. Thirteen Hours starts with them actively disliking each other. One of the things I always look for in lesfic is character growth. Sex in Meghan’s books is part of that growth instead of merely the physical things two women do together.

From Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien

Rocking with the music, she settled down so her pussy pressed against Dana’s thigh, then leaned forward and breathed hot words into her ear. “I’m willing to bend the rules for you, Dana. You can touch me all you want.”

Dana stared at Laurel’s breasts, bouncing gently mere inches from her face. I’m going to pass out for real this time. Her heart pounded so hard she feared it rivaled the volume of the club music. She felt her hands trembling against Laurel’s bare skin, palms slick with nervous sweat. Her breathing disintegrated into nothing more than a frantic gasping for air, the sucking in of desperate mouthfuls of oxygen.

Laurel snaked her hand through Dana’s hair again, guiding her face to the impossible softness of the space between her naked breasts. “Enjoy this, sweetheart.”

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