Every Romance Novel Is a Beacon of Light

We've been together for 19 years. Can you believe it?

I often say that my wife and I would not make a good romance novel.

Romance novels need tension. I can. I can’t. I shouldn’t. I want to. Don’t leave me. You’re back!

My latest release, Worth the Wait, is a second chance romance. But just to make it all a little bit harder, I made it a third chance romance. Reality TV star, Avery Crown, is just on the brink of reconnecting with her high school love, when her television show screws her sweetheart over. Avery’s sweetheart, Merritt Lessing, is convinced it’s Avery’s fault…just one more reason she should never open her heart again.

With my wife, it was so much easier. I saw her across a crowded bar. Our eyes met. And I thought, She’s the one! No lie. It was that simple.

I think it’s the best love story ever, but it doesn’t fit the romance genre. We got the happily ever after but we skipped the plot that fills up 250 pages with longing and a touch of anguish.

Still, I think we’re proof that happily ever after is possible. It’s worth waiting for. And each romance novel is a little beacon of light flashing in a world where sometimes it feels hard to make connections. It’s a light that says, love wins.


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