from From the Ashes by Stacy Miller

from Chapter Twenty

Sloane inched her head closer to Finn’s until their breaths mingled, setting off the first spark.

Screw practicality! Heat rose in her chest and escaped in increasingly steamy exhales until she leaned in for that first fiery kiss. Every nerve ending came alive when their moist lips pressed and slid across one another. But when she opened her mouth to dart inside, Finn pulled back with a sudden force.

“Did I hurt you?” Sloane’s voice ended in a panicked uptick.

In slow motion, Finn shook her head from side to side, a measured smile built on her lips. She stood to face Sloane with her arms folded across her chest to keep the bra in place. After taking a step back, she lightened her grip and dipped one shoulder at a time, letting each bra strap droop low on her forearms. Lowering both arms, the bra dropped to the floor, exposing her perfect circular breasts.

Sloane’s lips parted and hung helplessly like her neighbor’s clothes out to dry on the line. Their earlier encounters didn’t prepare her for Finn’s captivating toned shape. Before she could take a breath, Finn had lowered her lounge pants and bikini briefs to her ankles and stepped out. From sculpted muscles to curved hips and rounded breasts, every inch of Finn seduced her.

Finn stepped toward Sloane, bent at the waist, and gave her a single luscious kiss. “Why are you still dressed?”

Sloane barely thought about breathing let alone stripping her own clothes off. She couldn’t even get her mouth to form words. Instead, her eyebrows arched and lips parted more, frozen on the white-hot image before her.

Finn pulled Sloane up from her perch and unbuttoned and lowered the zipper on her jeans.

“You’ll have to do the shirt yourself.”

Sloane gulped hard. She stretched her arms and eased her top over her head, tossing the garment in the air, not caring where it landed.

When Finn pressed her nude body against her, and they touched skin to skin, blood rushed to her center in waves, forcing it to constrict in anticipation. She needed a taste and dove into Finn’s neck like a shark going in for the kill.

Finn’s head drew back, opening herself for more, but this time Sloane stopped. Her skin burned everywhere clothing touched it. Screw slow and sexy, she needed to strip. Now!

With little effort, Sloane discarded the sports bra, but the jeans proved difficult. They slipped over her slender hips well enough but the narrow pant legs bunched at her ankles. Lifting one foot, she shook it with all her might but lost her balance and fell on her butt with a thud.

If not for their previous encounters and knowing Finn loved her, the embarrassment would’ve smothered her engorged ache. Instead, it made her more determined. She rushed her feet in the air. “You do it, damn it.”

Finn stifled most of her laugh, but a toothy grin gave away her amusement while she ripped the jeans from Sloane’s legs.

Dressed only in her boy shorts, Sloane made a mental note to scold Janet later for her choice of clothing; tight jeans and boy shorts? Really? Sloane bounced from the floor and swept Finn up with one arm, forcing their hips together. “You think that’s funny, do you?”

“Absolutely.” Finn’s sly grin melted into a lusty expression when Sloane snaked her other arm around her back and pressed their breasts together.

“Now, where were we?” Sloane went back to nuzzling Finn’s neck with wet sucks and licks up to an ear, losing herself in the muttering sounds coming from Finn. Keeping her lips affixed to Finn’s neck, she nudged Finn backward until the backs of her thighs hit the edge of the mattress.

“Lay down. I don’t want to put any pressure on your shoulder.”

While Finn positioned herself flat on the bed, Sloane removed her boy shorts, discarding them wherever they happened to land. Her center pulsed again when Finn’s searching eyes and heaving breasts begged Sloane to move faster. But she didn’t. Fast wouldn’t do. The day at the accident site set her and Finn on this course, and rushing was the last thing she wanted. This called for savoring Finn’s intoxicating body like an eighteen-year-old Scotch.

After climbing atop the foot of the bed, she kneeled between Finn’s outspread legs. Starting at her calves, Sloane dragged her hands up Finn’s silky skin, softened by her shower routine. When her fingertips passed Finn’s knees, Sloane’s stomach shuttered at the sight of Finn’s abdomen muscles rolling in anticipation. What do I touch first? A breast? Her center?

Finn gave her a suggestion but not one she was ready to take her up on. Finn bucked her hips inches off the mattress, offering her core and inviting Sloane’s touch. Her husky voice begged,


“All in good time.” Sloane trapped Finn’s body against the mattress, so their hips, centers, and bellies lined up. With her arms bent at the elbow flat on either side of Finn’s head, she propped up her torso to avoid placing weight on the injury.

“Every inch of you is sexy.” An understatement Sloane needed to voice. She’d hit the right tone when Finn’s eyes glossed over with desire.

Without warning, Finn arched up and captured Sloane’s lips, sending her tongue searching. She signaled her mounting impatience with a double hip thrust and fingers digging into the long muscles of Sloane’s back.

Stoked fires and weeks of fantasies had Sloane primed to touch and taste Finn for the first time. She’d dreamed of taking her from every direction, every position, but Finn’s injury forced her to tame the fantasy. Sloane broke the kiss and worked her lips down to Finn’s breasts, taking one into her mouth. The taste of citrus swirled on her tongue, just like the scent that riveted her when they were teenagers.

She pulled her mouth away just long enough to say, “Oranges never tasted so good.”

Switching between breasts, she licked and sucked each nipple until they hardened. When her hips rocked of their own accord against Finn’s leg, Finn matched with a rocking motion of her own. Sloane reminded herself slow is good and tightened her pelvic floor and leg muscles to force her thighs to stop.

Finn didn’t. Her rocking turned into building thrusts. Finn’s throaty moans and writhing body signaled a needy frenzy; Sloane’s cue to move on.

She shifted up and to the side to look into Finn’s hungry eyes. Sliding a hand down Finn’s belly, past her navel, past the first line of soft short hairs, Sloane left quaking muscles and goosebumps in her wake.

She cupped Finn’s outer lips, sensing a rush of warm blood had engorged them. Like in her fantasy, they pulsated a need for release and fueled Sloane’s need to fill her. Starting at the bottom, she slipped a single finger between the folds, finding them drenched with arousal and creating more of her own. Inching that finger forward, she focused on Finn’s expression and her contorting facial muscles, flushed skin, and slacked jaw catching for air on a random sensation.

Ignoring the clench of her own center and seeping drips of moisture, Sloane’s tone turned raspy,

“What do you want?”

“Inside,” Finn croaked in between hot, ragged breaths. “I need you inside.”

When she reached the end of the slit, Sloane applied pressure on the hood of Finn’s clit, causing her hips to lift off the bed. The response she hoped for. She slid the finger in halfway and pulled out.

“Please, Sloa….” Finn’s voice trailed off with a gasp and turned into a guttural moan when Sloane entered her with two fingers.

Fleshy, warm, and moist, Sloane didn’t expect how much she’d missed intimacy. Giving pleasure always gave her just as much, and she had to resist the urge to mount Finn’s leg and satisfy her own growing need. Instead, she pumped harder and massaged Finn’s spongy upper wall on her way out each time.

Finn’s hips rocked in a matching rhythm, while her breathing struggled to keep up with each stroke. Climax was on the horizon, but Sloane still needed to discover if Finn’s nectar tasted as sweet as she envisioned. She cut her tempo in half causing Finn to groan in frustration and increase her bucking to compensate.

“Patience,” Sloane whispered into her ear, prompting Finn to slow.

Sloane kissed her on the lips before dipping her tongue in deep, adding a good swirl as a preview of what was in store. Before heading down past her belly, Sloane stopped to give each breast one last suck, keeping each nipple standing at attention.

Sloane scooted further down and encouraged Finn to open her legs wider. Once settled in, she used her thumbs to part Finn’s outer folds. The first intake of musky scent sent tingles through Sloane’s chest. Arousal mixed with citrus invited her to sample Finn’s unique flavor. She sunk her tongue in as far as she could reach. The tangy and sweet taste, more enticing than she imagined, reminded her of a favorite dish she couldn’t devour quick enough. She forced herself to slow and savor the altering flavors and consider her next step. Like her, did Finn prefer her clit sucked? Or did she like it rubbed? Either would give Finn a needed release, but only one would give her complete satisfaction.

Testing the waters, she ran a fingertip across Finn’s clit, rubbing in gentle circles. Finn’s whimper and body movements were subtle. She then shifted and latched her lips onto the swollen nub, earning a piercing groan. Finn wants it sucked.

Plunging two fingers inside, she resumed their internal kneading while her lips latched on.

Pumping and stroking, sucking and flicking, Sloane set a slow pace so she could enjoy the ride as much as Finn. Soon, Finn pressed her hands against Sloane’s head and raised her hips to increase the pressure, signaling she was plateauing. Sloane hastened her pace, faster and faster, harder and harder until Finn’s thigh muscles contracted and her back arched enough to lift her off the mattress. With one loud guttural moan, Finn’s inner walls clamped down, pulling

Sloane’s fingers deep inside.

Edging her head to a thigh, Sloane kept her fingers inside while Finn rode out the spasms and gasped for air. Each contraction reassured Sloane she’d given Finn the ultimate pleasure. When they slowed, Sloane curled her fingers to rub the upper wall again, sparking another round of rippling twinges.

Soon, Finn flopped her good arm over her face, panting. “That was so worth the wait.”

“You can say that again.” Sloane closed her eyes and sighed in satisfaction.

Sloane moved back up and kiss Finn on the lips. She threw an arm and a leg over Finn and rested her head atop a breast, tipsy over the sated smile she’d put on Finn’s face. “That was much better than the fantasy.”

“You’re telling me.” Finn guided Sloane’s chin up with a hand and kissed her.

When Finn moved the leg Sloane had half-straddled, Sloane shuttered at the added pressure against her sensitive clit. She’d met Finn’s needs, now it became increasingly difficult to ignore her own. With Finn’s limited mobility, she debated how best to go about that. Taking care of it herself posed the least desirable option. Whatever she chose, it wouldn’t take long.

She opted for heated thrusts into Finn’s leg and dancing with her tongue again. But as soon as she started, Finn broke the kiss and straightened her leg. Damn it. She now understood Finn’s frustration when she downshifted earlier.

“No, you don’t.” Finn adopted a challenging tone. “You deserve a proper orgasm.”

“But your shoulder?”

“Oh, come on.” The corner of Finn’s mouth turned up. “You’ll have to turn in your lesbian card if you can’t figure this out.”

“I think I just proved I know what I’m doing.” Sloane gave one more thrust for good measure before softening her expression. “But I don’t want to put you in any more pain.”

“Trust me the Norco is doing its job.” Finn slid out from under Sloane and propped herself up to a seated position against the headboard with her legs outstretched and pressed together.

“Besides, I have a few fantasies of my own. Climb aboard.” Finn patted the tops of her legs.

No one had touched Sloane since Avery died. She hadn’t even touched herself. The urge had disappeared until her and Finn’s steamy encounter in the interview observation room. With its hasty return tonight, she was eager to straddle Finn.

Her legs bent at the knees and spread wide, she inched forward over Finn’s upper thighs. When Finn’s hands skimmed the hot skin of her waist and up her sides, every muscle twitched in succession.

Finn cupped both breasts and squeezed the soft flesh with splayed fingers. Her stare fixed on them, Finn licked her lips as if deciding which one to attack first. “They’re perfect.”

The sensation along with Finn’s words intoxicated her. Sloane’s fit body had drawn in countless women, but only the fascination from two meant anything to her. Having first Avery and now

Finn captivated by her figure aroused Sloane even more.

Sloane couldn’t wait for Finn to decide. After placing both hands atop the edge of the headboard, one on either side of Finn’s head, she offered her right breast. Finn took it and wrapped her lips around the already rock-hard nipple. A jolt fired in Sloane’s swollen core, forcing her eyes to slam shut and head to hinge back.

When Finn’s teeth closed around a nipple and fingers pinched the other, a rumbling moan escaped from Sloane. The ache between her legs had sharpened. Her inner walls screamed for relief. “I need you inside.”

Without breaking the suckle, a finger from Finn’s free hand parted Sloane’s drenched folds, slicking the length of the slit as she went. Using a thumb, she applied pressure on Sloane’s clit, causing her upper body to convulse.

Without question, Sloane was ready for Finn to fill her. She had been since saying goodbye to Avery on their misty back deck. That morning marked the end of her grief, but not the end of how Sloane appreciated the intimacy they shared. The sharing of bodies always met her physical needs, but once she fell in love, sex became more intimate. She surrendered herself physically, mentally, and emotionally to Avery, and now, she was surrendering to Finn.

Two fingers slid inside, but her walls were tight from having not been filled in more than half a year. She rocked to several pumps, and the walls stretched, but she craved the tightness again.

“More. I want more.”

Sloane’s husky voice pleaded for a third finger, but Finn released the breast from her mouth and shook her head. “I don’t think I can.”

That pulled Sloane out of her own head, forcing her to a halt and open her eyes. “Do you need to stop?”

“Uh, uh.” Finn sat up straighter to ease her other hand between Sloane’s legs. “With this shoulder, I just needed to shift to give you double the pleasure.”

“You sure?”

Sloane got her answer. Finn dipped a finger from the second hand into her folds to wet it before pressing on her clit, drawing a throaty moan and removing all doubt. Sloane rocked her hips to match Finn’s stroking rhythm, slow at first, allowing herself to savor the dueling sensations of being filled and rubbed.

Rolling her hips from side to side, Finn got the message and rubbed in circles to stimulate both sides of her clit. There. Right there! That was the spot that sent the dominoes falling at a rapid rate. Sloane’s head forced back in a single whipping motion, mouth agape.

When Finn added more pressure and sped her pace, Sloane struggled to keep in sync. Her breaths shortened and lungs cried for more air. A spasm formed in her foot and spread to her thigh at lightning speed. She’d reached her plateau.

Sloane rocked faster and harder. Her release was nearing. Then in an instant, her walls clamped and uncontrolled spasms coursed through her center. Every muscle in her weakened, but she was careful to fall to Finn’s side. Unable to do much more than roll over, she reveled in the euphoria of her throbbing core.

“Alexa, turn off bedroom lights,” Finn said. The bedroom darkened with only the warm glow of the city lights penetrating the sheer drapes for illumination. When Finn slid down flat with her head on the pillows, she brought the covers with her.

Under the blanket, when Finn wrapped her good arm around Sloane’s shoulder, Sloane slid the same arm and leg over Finn she’d done before. She rested her head on Finn’s breast to listen to her strong, rhythmic heartbeat. This was the first heart to capture her own, and it was the one that turned her months of misery into joy. As it beat, it soothed her into a peaceful place that had been missing in her life all that time. When her mind cleared, setting the stage for a long, overdue tranquil sleep, she had a sense laying in Finn’s arms was where she was supposed to be.

“I’ll always love you,” Sloane whispered just before nodding off.

“Always,” Finn whispered back.