from Love and Lechery at Albert Academy

Katie’s smile was slow and tentative as she looked up at me and said, “ Do we want to try on our new underwear?” She smoothed my straggly hair back away from my face and my gaze. And all was still.

We clasped each other in a quiet, soft hold and helped each other out of our clothes, feeling our warm, bare arms sliding together between each item and then, our bellies and our breasts. We had never seen each other completely naked before. We moved quiet and slow, just sensing and inviting each other closer and deeper with each glance.

We eased ourselves, legs entwined, onto the bed, more like one than separate bodies. Our hands felt for the borders: where did I end; where did Katie begin? Her small, light hand reached the outline of my breasts, and our hands and breasts melted into one another.

Almost an afterthought, a kiss. I kissed Katie a long, hard kiss. She answered fully, open-mouthed, her tongue filling my mouth. Our bodies took over. I saw my body arch over Katie’s; her hand found my bottom. I felt the warm, damp space between her thighs and then, higher and deeper. She pulled me in as I felt her in me.

It seems we lost time. How many hours, I didn’t know. I also didn’t know whose throat made those sounds, over and over, or where Katie found this drive and strength. How many times did I feel her weight on me, pulsing and pushing, the breath squeezing out of my mouth, mingling with hers?

Sometime after dark, we stumbled off the bed and ravaged our snack supply. We showered together and floated back under the sheets, enfolded asleep in each other’s arms.

In my dream, we were building a wooden house together in Sicily. I smelled the lemon groves, and the sweat dripping off our tanned, taut bodies released its garlic incense. Katie wiped her forehead on her thin, white cotton shirt flapping in the hot, dry Sicilian breeze. I continued to raise my hammer with great sighs, but Katie’s blows were forceful, heavy, and loud. Their banging set off a vibration. The doorframe she was working on shook as did all the walls we had just raised. We joked that it must be Mount Etna erupting, so loud and overwhelming was the rumbling.

Was I dreaming, yes? Did we really buy that vibrator, the one with the cute chipmunk with the tiny paws to pet your clit. Louder and louder, all around, from under and overhead, on all sides.

The throbbing continued. Or was that Katie and her fingers and her tongue lifting and flicking my clit? I was erupting, my lava flowing.

And Katie’s hand shook me too. Awake. Fully awake.

Get up! It’’s her, Headmistress Craney. At the door!”

About the Book

Love and Lechery at Albert Academy tells the story of Pina and Katie, two sixteen-year old girls who go off to four blissful years of rooming together at Albert Academy in 1959 after solving a murder mystery and the mystery of “them” the previous summer in Death and Love at the Old Summer Camp. They are no longer just good friends.