from Miranda by R. D. DeLisle

From Miranda: (Chapter 11)

“Can you orgasm with a vibrator?”

“Yes, usually. Even then it can take a lot of work.”

“Great. We know the parts are not broken. That’s good,” Colette teased, and added, “But, if orgasm is your primary goal, you are missing all the other notes in the chord.”

Miranda’s eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

After a sip of wine, Colette continued. “Orgasm is like the pluck of a single guitar string, and lasts about as long. That’s what the vibrator gives you. It can be very nice, but short-lived. What you need are all the other notes of a full chord, a major seventh, all strummed at once. That is all your senses involved at once in the experience of making love, not only the single string of orgasm. And when you are truly in love with someone, it can feel like a full symphony.”

Miranda smiled at the thought of that.

“Making love involves all your senses. The scent of the person you are with, the taste of their lips and skin, the sound of their breathing and of the music playing—which can enhance the occasion—and the feel of their body against your body. Orgasm cannot be your primary goal. It distracts from the process of lovemaking. You can be just as satisfied making love with someone and neither of you reach orgasm. It can still be beautiful and bring you closer together.”

(from the same chapter)

“Come close to me and put your head here on my shoulder. Relax, you aren’t too heavy for me.”

Miranda positioned herself so her head rested comfortably on Colette’s shoulder and her arm rested across her body. She closed her eyes and took in the warmth of Colette’s body, and her flowery scent.

“Now, take a few deep breaths, and do what your heart tells you to do. Be open and honest with yourself, and with me. There’s no rush. Take your time. If you only wish to lie here like this all night, that is all right, too. I want you to feel your feelings, and take in your surroundings. There is no obligation or expectation, as it should be.”

Miranda felt Colette brush her hair back from her face, and then run her hand up and down Miranda’s arm as it rested across Colette’s waist. The candlelight and music created a beautiful and warm ambiance. Miranda felt a tear roll down her face and fall onto Colette’s shoulder.

“What’s this, my love?”

Miranda rolled onto Colette, letting her leg drop between Colette’s legs, and slid her hands up behind Colette’s shoulders. Her long hair fell and tented their faces. Colette looked her in the eyes as she tucked her hair behind her ear, and Miranda dropped slowly to meet Colette’s lips. She pulled back, and then kissed her again and again, gently and sweetly. As “Passing By” began to play, it seemed to orchestrate her every move. She felt their bodies begin to stick together, and she felt their breasts dancing by each other. As Colette turned her head away, her eyes closed, Miranda kissed her neck. She nuzzled at the back of her neck, behind her ear, and kissed her way to the front and down Colette’s chest.

“You smell delicious,” Miranda whispered.

She took Colette’s breast into her mouth and slowly pulled away, grabbing her moist, hard nipple between her teeth. She could feel Colette’s hands moving along her body, and then cupping her breast in her hand and teasing her nipple. She felt Colette’s knee lift until her thigh pressed firmly against Miranda’s warmth so her soft, velvet skin glided easily against her thigh. She rode with Colette in rhythm until Miranda’s head pulled back as she breathed stilted gasps and sighs of orgasmic release.

Colette lifted to meet Miranda’s lips for a tender kiss, their tongues playing gently. Miranda felt Colette roll her to her back, and Colette straddled her upper thigh, as she reached behind her to pull her close. Miranda put her hands on Colette’s hips to pull her firmly against herself, and felt her nuzzle behind her ear, sighing and moaning softly, until she released her own orgasm. Miranda pressed her head close to Colette’s, inhaling the scent of her hair. It was intoxicating.

Miranda felt Colette’s breath in her ear, as she whispered to her, “Stay here with me. Don’t let your mind wander.”

She pulled up and kissed Miranda intently, as she pressed herself more firmly and rhythmically between Miranda’s legs, teased her nipple, and kissed her softly.

Miranda whispered, “I’m here…I’m here,” and sighed deeply with her second orgasm. She opened her eyes to the ceiling. As a tear rolled down her face, she broke into laughter. Colette leaned up on her elbow and smiled at her, then leaned down to gently kiss her.

About the book

Love does come from unexpected places. Miranda has coped with her emotional issues since childhood, but they have followed her into her late adult years, until she is finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. While understanding them helps explain a lot of what she has dealt with in the past, they are still creating barriers to her relationships in the present.

Four solitary years after the demise of her twenty-five-year relationship, at age sixty Miranda feels she may be ready to try again with Grace, a semi-retired bookstore clerk who has also experienced the loss of a long-term partner. Fear and hesitation block Miranda’s progress, as she doesn’t want the same old issues to create problems in a new courtship.

When Colette, a mature and worldly art gallery owner, offers her guidance to teach Miranda how to be more focused and engaged in her relationships with people, the bond between them quickly becomes deep and eternal.

Miranda is caught between the all-important journey of self-discovery and the passionate partnership she has been craving all her life. What surprises her most is which woman belongs to which end, in an unforgettable love story that will change her life forever.