The #LetsWriteAboutSex Project

I guess it all started when my dog ate my vibrator.

I was headed to She Bop to buy another one, but I stopped at my favorite Portland bookstore, Another Read Through, first. Owner, Elisa, had a kombucha SCOBY for me. If you don't know kombucha, it's a fermented tea. You make it with a starter called a SCOBY. It's like sourdough starter except it looks like this disgusting glob of mucus that lives in a jar. So I had my SCOBY in my jar (in a paper bag, thankfully) and headed down to She Bop. The salesperson began explaining the features of the vibrators.

I said, "I know. I had one. My dog ate it."

The clerk replied, "Oh, yeah. Dogs love this brand."

As I paid for my second vibrator, SCOBY in hand, I knew I had to write about this in my contemporary romance series, Out in Portland. Out in Portland captures the charms and quirks of the city. What better setting than a feminist sex toy store?

I thought the project would end there. Just another fun romance. But research into sex toy stores led to research into sex. I'd always prided myself on writing sex scenes that taught women about their bodies and their pleasure, but now I was learning things even I didn't know. (And I thought I knew all the things!) So I've set out to write a romance that shares it all, and the more I work on my project, the more I want to hear from other writers'.

So here it is: #LetsWriteAboutSex

What's The Project?

The #LetsWriteAboutSex Project asks writers to pull back the curtain--or the sheets--on how they write sex scenes. What makes it challenging? Fun? Embarrassing? Powerful? What do you hope to achieve? Tell us a success story. Share a fail. Laugh. Let's do this together.

Here's Where You Come In


#LetsWriteAboutSex wants to host your thoughts on sex scenes. Love them? Hate them? Join the conversation with a guest blog. Answer questions like these and so many more:

  • What makes a sex scene hot?

  • Is there something you know you should add to your sex scenes but you're too embarrassed?

  • Who is the most unlikely person who has read and appreciated your work, sex scenes included?

  • Do you think Baby Boomers, GenX, and Millenials have different approaches to sex scenes? If so, how does your approach to writing about sex you embody your generation?

  • Do your sex scenes contain an element of social activism? If so, what?


#LetsWriteAboutSex wants to hear from you too!

  • Who writes the best sex scenes?

  • How has reading sex scenes influenced your ideas about sex (either now or in the past)?

  • What ingredients make for the perfect sex scene?

  • Where was the strangest place you ever read a sex scene?

What else do you want to talk about? #LetsWriteAboutSex is the place!


Submission will be gently vetted, but all perspectives are welcome. Contact my amazing intern, John, at and he'll give you more information.