Peeking in Their Sleeping Cabins w/ Lara Zielinsky

Today I'm delighted to host Lara Zielinsky (pronounced LAH-rah ZEE-lin-ski) for the first in Let's Write About Sex.

Question: What do you enjoy most about writing sex scenes?

Being a writer is a chance to live vicariously. If reading is taking a trip without leaving your chair, writing it is being the train conductor on a character's journey. Just like listening in on their conversations in the dining car, peeking in their sleeping cabins is a definite perk.  I am with my characters emotionally all the way be the times good, bad, or ugly. The sexy times I write are happy times. So, yeah, of course, it's the best feeling when I get to experience the characters' happiness, too. There's simply nothing more enjoyable.

However, writing an explicit sex scene fulfills my voyeuristic desires, too. I'm the director of an intimate movie. I get to shine a light on the parts I like best and create (or recreate) a fantasy sexual encounter.

I'm not writing an autobiography, but all of my sex scenes incorporate sexual activities and sexual fantasies I or my lovers have tried and enjoyed.

Finally, I identify as bisexual, so that may also be part of my enjoyment in writing sex. I appreciate and enjoy all sorts of bodies. Writing the sex in my stories explicitly gives me a place to express my appreciation for all those wonderful bodies and the sensations and emotions they can have, and the pleasure they can enjoy. 

Lara Zielinsky

Lara Zielinsky is a bisexual, married polyam woman who has been writing lesbian and bisexual women's fiction since 1998. Her first novel was traditionally published in 2007. Her latest was published in February 2019. She's now a full-time writer and editor working out of her home in Florida.



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