Readers Are the Reason

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I was presenting at the Read with Pride conference in Seattle. That night my wife and I went out to a lesbian bar and struck up a conversation with some women we met there. I mentioned the conference and one of the women exploded with enthusiasm. "I love your books! I've read Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before, like, a hundred times!" Many drunken (her, not me) selfies ensued.

As I get ready for the release of my latest title, Worth the Wait, I remember again how important my readers are to me. They are the best thing about writing. The person who writes to me and says my novel helped her come out or got her through a tough illness or reminded her to keep passion alive in her marriage.

So I encourage you to send your favorite author a note. If your favorite author is still alive, tell them how you feel. Tell them what it was like to read their work. Tell them where you were when you finished the novel.

Right now, I'm going to track down the author of Lives of the Monster Dogs. Have you read it? I read it shortly after I'd move to Connecticut. I was newly in love but not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Finding The One had been my life goal since...oh...about age thirteen. Now I had moved in with The One. But I felt unmoored. What did I do now that I had done the one thing I'd set my heart on since forever? Lives of the Monster Dogs spoke to those feelings. And if you look it up and think, What?! A book about sentient dogs who walk up upright with prosthetic hands and act like 18th Century aristocrats?! That's the book she turned to?! Well, you just have to read it.

What author will you write to? What books changed your life?


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