Researching Dungeon-Building w/A. L. Brooks

Today I'm delighted to host A. L. Brooks on Let's Write About Sex.

A. L. Brooks is from the UK but lives in Germany. She’s published 5 books with Ylva Publishing with a 6th due out in early April. She writes f/f romantic and erotic fiction, and won a Goldie for ‘Best Erotica’ for her debut ‘The Club’. Find her on Twitter: albrookswriter1

Pronouns: She/Her

Discuss some interesting research you've done for writing sex scenes?

When I was writing The Club, which is set in a fictional women-only sex club, I delved into the world of dungeon-building. One of the rooms in the club is designed for those women who want to experience (or watch) BDSM sex. I thought I would have trouble finding websites that openly talked about how to kit out your dream dungeon, but was pleasantly surprised by how many there were, and the language and designs the websites used.

It’s a big business, and it’s taken very seriously by those who do it. There wasn’t anything ‘smutty’ or ‘shameful’ about how the equipment was presented or discussed, and that really resonated with me. Sex isn’t shameful, whatever flavor of it we each want, and it was truly uplifting to discover these sites and what they had to offer to everyone, from novice to expert.

Sex isn’t shameful, whatever flavor of it we each want

Many of the sites were also gender-neutral and orientation-neutral in their presentation. You might expect they’d only show women being dominated/tied up/strapped down in their photos, and only focus on m/f couples/groups, but that was not the case.

I only needed a little more than basic information to write the chapter that focuses on this room of the club, but I found myself spending a lot of time reading many of the testimonials from satisfied customers, and browsing the catalogues of just what was on offer. I didn’t regret the hours spent on it because I came away with a whole new appreciation for what BDSM offers, and the people who enjoy it.

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