There’s Plenty of Room for Laughs Too

JL Merrow

I'm delighted to host JL Merrow (Jamie) on #LetsWriteAboutSex!

JL Merrow (she/her) is that rare beast, an English person who refuses to drink tea. She writes award-winning contemporary gay romance and mysteries, and is frequently accused of humour.

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Do you ever get bored with writing sex scenes? How do you spice it up?

It’s true that if you write about sex, there’s a danger of it becoming repetitive. I don’t usually write about kink (although I do have a short story out there involving imaginative use of things you might find around your kitchen!) so the actual acts I’m writing about are generally pretty similar.

For me, the key to keeping sex scenes fresh is to focus on the characters. Each half of a couple will have a background which informs their reaction to a particular scenario—perhaps one of them has been repressed all their life, and is now finally letting go of that repression to be their true self. Or maybe they’re joyously uninhibited from the word go—but learning how much more intense and meaningful the sex act can be given a true emotional connection.

Another thing I love, as a writer of romantic comedy, is having fun with my guys. Sex scenes should be intense and emotional, yes, but there’s plenty of room for laughs too. Let’s face it, in real life everything doesn’t always work perfectly first time. Does someone trip over his underwear in his haste to get naked, and face-plant on the bed? Do they get interrupted at a crucial moment? How they react to this—and the effect it has on the atmosphere of the scene—can really show character, and contribute to the strengthening bond between them.

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