Why "come" is better than "cum"

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Andrew Grey (he/him) is the author of nearly 100 works of Contemporary Gay Romantic fiction. After twenty-seven years in corporate America, he has now settled down in Central Pennsylvania with his husband, Dominic, and his laptop. An interesting ménage. 

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What word do you like for the genitals (male or female) and word do you hate? Why?

While the words I chose are not necessarily specifically for the genitals, I think this fits the question. See I have this thing about the spelling of the word COME. Not everyone will agree with me, but I'm a little older I think, so I grew up in the picture and magazine age and well, I'm not ashamed to admit that I read... okay look at, porn. Written pornography stories when I was younger. Okay, maybe I'm sitting here blushing, but I can live with that since I'm alone and.... okay. now I'm really blushing. Anyway, in those magazines they used the CUM spelling and that always stuck in my head. I am a romance writer and the CUM spelling is one I always associate with porn. Maybe its just me, but that's how I feel. So especially in romance I prefer to use COME.

I know there can be different used for the two spellings, but for me, the connotation of CUM has a more pornographic note. And given that the entire MM Romance genre has been fighting for years to legitimize ourselves as romance authors, it seems counter productive to me to use the CUM spelling. As authors words matter and the way we use words matters. I also think the way we spell words matters and the connotation of those spellings and words matters.

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