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Wow! There is a lot of great stuff here, from "The Safer Sex Drawer" to "Four Crucial Queer Survival Tips for 2019." This website covers everything related to sex,  masturbation, relationships, sexual health, birth control, gender, masculinity, abuse, and more. Please check it out no matter what age you are and definitely direct the young people in your life to this great resource.

Osmolality and pH Properties of Some Commercial Lubricants

World Health Organization

Want to really geek out on lubes? This WHO guide is definitely for chemistry majors, but if that's you, check it out. If you'd like a plain-language guide, try the link above.

Health Line

There are lots of articles and blog posts that discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and dangers of different lubes. This article sums up all the expert advice pretty well. But if you don't read this article remember this: don't buy lube you find at the mini-mart and don't use anything that promises to heat up your vulva and make it taste like cinnamon. If you want cinnamon go to the mini-mart and get a cinnamon roll. 

Center for Disease Control

If you're feeling not-quite-right down there bacterial vaginosis (an over-abundance of the wrong bacteria in the vagina) may be the cause. Review this fact sheet. Also, as your doctor about boric acid vaginal suppositories. That sounds painful, but it's not at all. These suppositories can be used to treat or prevent bacterial vaginosis. (But do note, the FDA hasn't weighed in on them yet.)

from Boston University School of Medicine

It doesn't have to be a mystery. Here is an in-depth description of the lady-bits brought to you by a reputable medical school. Learn a few new words and try to work them into your next conversation. How is your ischiocavernosum today? 

From YOU! And your inspirations.

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