Toys etc.

Here are a few things to add to your wish list. I've tried some, not others. No commissions gathered here and no promises, but I think you'll find something you like. Write me with your recommendations and reviews, so I can add to the list! 
It wouldn't be me if I didn't celebrate my favorite sex toy store. Don't worry, they ship! But if you're in Portland stop by and enjoy a safe, cheerful, sex-positive environment (and the inspiration for my next novel.)
The oh-nut protects a woman from uncomfortably deep penetration during intercourse. I haven't tried it, but I do know that different days require different dildos. A girl's not always ready for the Titan, but if your male partner is too big to accommodate comfortably this could help.
Definitely one of my fav companies. Their toys are creative, colorful, and reliable. Check out the awesome magnetic charging cords. Plus free shipping! 
Okay, the name is corny as hell, but this all-natural lube comes recommended by the owner of As You Like It in Eugene, OR. Lube makes everything more fun, and getting the right lube is important! I mean it. Read more about lubes under Resources & Education
So I'd been using Ida for years before realizing she was meant to be used during penetration. That was a fabulous discovery, but it speaks to Ida's powers that she was fantastic before I discovered her full potential. 
spare parts.png
Your purveyor of beautiful, easy-to-use strap-ons. From lacy to tomboy, for all sexes and genders. Plus the name SpareParts just makes you feel sexy and tough.