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A serial killer “makes” perfect women by amputating their legs.  A troubled girl walks knowingly into the killer’s arms. An ambitious college president spirals toward madness.


Helen Ivers is still reeling from her sister’s recent suicide when she takes a position as the president of Pittock College. The isolated campus seems like a good place to recover, but shortly after she arrives, a shocking murder shakes the college community. The local police explain away the gruesome occurrence, but Helen is convinced the police chief, and maybe the whole town, is covering for a killer. 


She embarks on her own investigation, but she begins to doubt herself as nightmares of her sister’s suicide become waking hallucinations and everyone discounts her fears. The only person who shares her apprehensions is a beautiful, young professor whose sexual advances are entirely inappropriate and absolutely irresistible.


"Thriller enthusiasts will love it!" -- Lezbelib


"...a powerhouse, brilliant and nerve-wrenching..." - Rainbow Book Reviews


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After theater professor Adair Wilson unwittingly assists in the abduction of two Pittock students, she sets out on a death-defying quest to rescue the twin girls whose rare anatomical quirk makes them a target for paparazzi and fetishists.


When Adair’s wealthy family refuses to help and the girls’ family denies their existence, Adair must battle an underground prostitution ring protected by corrupt police.


With only her lover, Helen Ivers, at her side, Adair turns a handful of clues into a plan of action that pits her against the world’s most ruthless human trafficker, a woman known only as the Purveyor.


Set in the hidden world of modern slavery where over twenty-five million people are sacrificed to fuel the world’s lust for rare minerals and human flesh, Both a blood-pounding thriller and a romance of love, loss, and self-sacrifice, The Purveyor is as insightful as it is terrifying, a tour de force of avant-garde crime writing.

the purveyor
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