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Second Night Stand 


A burlesque performer and a professional ballerina fall in love while competing on a reality TV talent show.

Izzy Wells—aka burlesque superstar Blue Lenox—doesn’t have time for anything more than a hookup. She has a theater to renovate, and turning it into a safe space for queer performers costs money. Money she doesn’t have. With the mortgage overdue, the only way she’ll save the theater is to win the prize money from the Great American Talent show. And if that means forgetting about the beautiful Black ballerina she spent one night with in order to focus on the competition, so be it. 

Lillian Jackson has sacrificed everything for ballet, including a personal life. She has one goal now: win the ridiculous Great American Talent show or have the all-Black ballet company she heads shut down forever. It should be easy to focus, except Blue, the first woman to leave Lillian wanting more, is on the show too. 

The chemistry between them is hot, and they agree that after the show, they’ll enjoy one more night together. A second-night stand. But that promise only lasts three challenges. Even more distracting than sleeping together again, are the feelings they’re starting to develop. There’s no way Lillian can fit Izzy into her life, and Izzy knows better than to fall for another star. But if they can make it through the show with their hearts and dreams intact, will winning take on a whole new meaning?


Romance. Young Adult. Thriller.



Ambassadors of real-life happily-ever-after, Fay and Karelia Stetz-Waters have been together for twenty-three years. They live in Albany, Oregon with their pug-mix Willa Cather and a garden full of dragonflies and hummingbirds. Their writing process involves many afternoons spent at local coffee shops and brewpubs outlining scenes, going over drafts, and high fiving each other. The process works beautifully. Second-Night Stand is their first novel together but definitely not their last.


Karelia tells her story at the Mystery Box Show 

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Golden Crown Literary Society

Ann Bannon Popular Choice & Contemporary Romance Finalist 


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