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Business consultant Rose Josten might not have officially reached “pug lady” middle age, but she’s already got the pugs—along with their little Gucci coats and trash-lovin’ appetites. Still, life is good, with her work, her sisters, and a secret hobby creating incredibly tactile (if surprisingly sexy) mindfulness videos. So why does it feel like it’s not quite enough? Which is exactly when Ash Stewart enters camera left, and Rose’s world suddenly goes full technicolor . . .

Ash never looks at anyone. Not since her ex ripped her heart from her chest in Spielberg-esque style, crushing Ash’s reputation, dreams, and career in one brutal blow. But Rose is altogether different. She’s curvy, beautiful, and just so damn put together. And her business expertise might be Ash’s best bet for getting her last film—and her last chance—financed. Now if they can just keep their attraction under wraps, Ash’s lost dream could finally come true. But are they creating the perfect pitch . . . or setting the stage for disaster?


Romance. Young Adult. Thriller.



Karelia Stetz-Waters writes happily-ever-afters for women who love women. Whether it’s romance or thriller, her characters get the epic wins they deserve and more. She lives her own happily-ever-after in Oregon with her wife of 20+ years. 


Karelia tells her story at the Mystery Box Show 

True Stories All About Sex


"A delight from start to finish."


—  Kirkus Reviews, starred review, on Behind the Scenes

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Come on in. Take a break. You deserve it. What a stressful year it's been! Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going or crying or laughing or wondering if it's Tuesday or Thursday. But one thing that keeps me grounded is romance. There's nothing like cozying up with a good romance, so enjoy your free novella and stay in touch. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, stories, book recommendations, all of it. Welcome to the family.




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Karelia Stetz-Waters

Happily-ever-afters for women who love women.